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How to find a hospitality job in New Zealand?

Updated: Sep 14, 2023

If you are planning to travel to New Zealand to enjoy the scenery, and the Kiwi lifestyle, and also want to find a hospitality job working as a Chef, Waiter, Bartender or similar role, this post is for you!

5 tips to find a hospitality job and land on your feet in New Zealand

  1. If you want to work in New Zealand, you need to have the right visa. You can have a look at the work visa options for you here (Work Visas NZ) and apply.

    1. Once you have a work visa, it's time to build your CV (Curriculum Vitae) with your professional experience and outstanding skills. Try to keep the CV short with 1 to 3 pages max, to make the CV easy to read by recruitment agencies. Here's a good CV builder for you: *

  2. Where to find hospitality jobs? The most popular sites to find hospitality jobs in New Zealand are and Facebook Groups. Another great option is wandering around the city with your CV and giving this to the manager of bars, restaurants, hotels, etc...

  3. The three principal cities in New Zealand for hospitality are Wellington, Queenstown, and Auckland, so these would be your target when looking for a job.

    1. Wellington is the capital of New Zealand, with lots of cultural and outdoor activities to do and learn about the native culture in the Museum of NZ Te Papa, and the film history connected to this land with the Lord of the Rings and The Chronicles of Narnia to name a few.

    2. Queenstown is the city where you can do skydiving, ski, play golf, enjoy the skyline and many other activities enjoying the snow-capped mountains and Lake Wakatipu. This city is pumping with hospitality work during winter.

    3. Auckland is an excellent starting point for the Kiwi's adventure, with Auckland being the largest city in New Zealand, it makes the city a mecca for hospitality services and large events all year round. With this large population, there is a high demand for Chefs, Waiters, Bartenders and Event staff; for cafes, restaurants, concerts, sports games and private functions among others.

  4. Finding the right accommodation can be hard, but with these options, it will be easier. The most popular sites to find reliable good places are Facebook Groups: Flatmate Wanted (to mention one of them) and TradeMe where you are going to be able to see photos, videos and descriptions of the places and flatmates’ profiles.

    1. *Flatmate: People who share an apartment or flat.

  5. Every city has lots of social activities to offer and the information is on your hands in this digital era. These are a few useful websites to know what is happening around the cities: Heart of Auckland, Pure New Zealand and Secret Auckland.

Also, you can search for your hobbies like photography, road trips, and dancing on Facebook and there will be Facebook groups you can join and meet new people.

At Bravo Hospitality, we have a Social Media post with Recommendations for the Weekend with restaurants, bars, events you can attend and interesting places to visit.

With these 5 basic steps, you are going to be ready to apply and get your hospitality job in no time and enjoy the complete experience of living in New Zealand.


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