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Put your hospitality staffing in the capable hands of Bravo Hospitality

Consistently providing quality staffing and recruitment services since 1994.

Bravo Hospitality is an established hospitality recruitment company with over 28 years of experience in providing exemplary staffing and recruitment services in New Zealand and abroad.

Over the years, we developed an intimate understanding of staffing in the hospitality industry, so we are perfectly positioned to meet every need of this vibrant sector. Whilst we have accumulated an expansive and long-standing customer base, we operate as a boutique service, rather than spreading ourselves thinly across all hospitality.

At Bravo, we believe that our customers deserve highly personalised and reliable services, whilst our candidates and temporary staff are managed with care and respect, forming a business of mutual understanding and high-quality operations.

Bravo temporary staff are hand-picked and chosen individually to meet our client's needs, avoiding a one-size fits all approach. It has never been our business interest to operate a huge database of temporary staff. We simply want to ensure quality and consistency at all times, complemented by our highly attentive and efficient services.

Our Auckland-based recruitment agency can provide:

Employ Bravo’s cleaning staff and experience the same high standard of service

Bravo now provides cleaning services for the Auckland region with the expansion of our existing accommodation & housekeepers team. Our mission is to supply an exceptional and reliable boutique cleaning service, rather than low budget franchise systems where standards vary greatly.

Here at Bravo we closely manage our cleaning teams, ensuring health and safety, job knowledge and performance through ongoing training and appraisals. Our staff are remunerated accordingly. We use the newest cleaning products that are eco-friendly and meet the current standards for Covid-19.

We want our clients to be happy, so we listen and work hard to reach high quality results. Our motto for Bravo has always been… “under promise and over deliver”.

Contact us to discuss your options for temporary or permanent staff

FLEXIBLE WORKFORCE SOLUTIONS beyond Hospitality and Cleaning, now also provided to Warehousing, Logistics and Supermarkets

There is no size fits all approach with Bravo – only quality staff hand-picked for you!

With over 27 years in operation with a solid employment record of over 6500 staff, providing recruitment, staffing and workforce management services predominantly to the hospitality industry, we have once again undertaken a diversification of our temporary staffing services, this time into the areas of warehousing, logistics and supermarkets. This new service has been introduced due to client demand, but also to mobilise our large brigade of hospitality & cleaning staff during the recent lock down periods when our industry came to a complete stop. Because of our dedicated, highly motivated, work-ready and adjustable temporary staff, we have very quicky gained the trust of our new clients and will continue on this journey for quite some time come.

Our Auckland-based service provides:
  • Pick packers

  • Dispatch and parcel handlers

  • General labourers

  • Light machine operators

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