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Aged Care Chefs specialist diet
Your residents will appreciate the Bravo difference

Residents of aged care facilities look forward to their meals in daily routine, but to avoid boredom meals should be changed on a daily basis. They must also be nutritionally balanced and cater for the specific dietary requirements of older people and include fresh produce for health, so it is essential your chef has the skills and knowledge to comply with this.

Another important part of being an aged care chef is the skill to connect with the residents when they pop by the kitchen, listening to their feedback and executing any special requests. In some retirement villages, it is important to know the likes/dislikes of more discerning residents, so flexibility to produce high-quality meals and a la carte is required. The pressure is on for chefs to produce this with limited time, from morning to evening, 7 days a week, so communication, organisation and time management is essential.

Bravo has specialist chefs ready to adapt to the various requirements of this industry. They have signed off our Covid-19 policy and completed our health and safety inductions.

Experienced cooks and chefs able to deal with the complexities of an aged care setting

Special knowledge is required when preparing meals for the elderly and residents with specific diets

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