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Hotel & Motel Housekeeping Services

Get your building looking spick and span with window cleaning and interior commercial cleaning across Auckland

With almost 30 years in business, Bravo staff have mostly cleaned premium Auckland hotels, motels and hospitality environments. To broaden our business, we are steadily expanding our cleaning services into corporate, office and residential cleaning, complementing our boutique business philosophy and the quality of people we employ.


Bravo focuses on small to medium sized office and retail shop cleaning in Auckland. No one-shoe fits all, so we provide customised solutions to the highest standards and consideration for our client’s environment, backed up by a professional and personalised service.


Clean – to remove dirt, grime and impurities from surfaces.

Disinfection of cleaned surfaces to kill germs, viruses and bacteria.

An emphasis is placed on highly frequent touch/contact areas (as generally listed below). With thorough cleaning and disinfection practices, you will return to a much safer work environment after each and every clean our staff have undertaken for you, greatly lowering the risk of infection:

  • Desks, keyboards, computers and monitors

  • Door surfaces and door handles

  • Lift buttons and boards, handrails and leaning areas

  • Stair and secure hand railings

  • Reception areas, seating areas and tables including meeting room surfaces          

  • Bathroom facilities, including entrances, toilets, walls, basins, taps, dispensers and hand dryers

  • Kitchen facilities, including all immediate walls, appliances, taps, basins and rubbish disposal

  • Coffee machines, serving items and benchtops


First step


Second step

All other areas receive a similar standard of clean and disinfection with the same products.


If you are seeking the cheapest quote for corporate cleaning, we may not be able to provide this. An experienced and well-managed cleaning team that undertakes high-quality work and attention to detail

This is not a cut priced service and is not provided at low cost.

We will provide you with our best possible quote and may even start you off with a free assessment clean, we will be still competitively priced.


To discuss your options for engaging staff from our cleaning services agency, get in touch.

Cleaning Services Auckland

We are always happy to come and meet with you in person, so you can feel 100% comfortable that BRAVO will deliver exactly what you need and when you need it. In the meantime, feel free to have a good browse through our website, where you will see our extensive services we provide to the Hospitality and Cleaning Industry.

Phone 09 360 9333

0800 272 864

Auckland, New Zealand


Hotel & Motel Housekeeping Service


Commercial & Office Cleaning Service

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