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Bravo Hospitality launched Bravo Cleaning

Updated: Apr 2

Pivoting from hospitality staffing and recruitment to cleaning has been a great move for Lutz Weissman of Bravo Group, providing many more opportunities to keep staff employed and give the business new income.

When the COVID-19 lockdown occurred Bravo Hospitality owner Lutz Weissmann and his Team sped up his plan to diversify into cleaning and launched Bravo Cleaning once the first lockdown eased.

Cross-training staff from hospitality to residential and commercial cleaning has been a great way to offer consistent employment for staff during the uncertainty of lockdowns, says Lutz, who has got housekeepers, waiters and kitchen workers also now cleaning.

It is a great way to have a flexible workforce and maximise staff hours. This makes consistent employment for staff, rather than just doing a few hours here and there, whilst a lot of cleaning companies struggle to maintain staff due to the lack of hours offered in just cleaning,” he explains. Dedicated cleaning professionals have also been added to ensure professional know-how across all client requirements.

The move has greatly paid off – Bravo Cleaning already has quite a number of new clients needing cleaning services.

As a hospitality staffing and recruitment company, we have always done housekeeping and cleaning for hospitality anyway. Then with Covid19 diversification was necessary into residential, commercial and office cleaning.

Over his 27 years in business, Lutz has employed over 5000 staff working in all types of industry operations from a little café to a 5-star hotel. He says Bravo Cleaning’s point of difference is that it is privately owned and all staff are employed by him – no franchisees – which ensures performance, accountability and consistency.

Also we do not believe in just paying minimum wage to get every possible job on the books. We pay our staff higher hourly rates to ensure quality and let’s face it... cleaning is really hard work, so pay low you get low performance. Quality is important so we are not cheaply priced and do not provide low-cost services.

Bravo Group has been in Beresford Square for five years and loves the accessibility of the office to the rest of the city. “Karangahape Road is centrally located, easy to get to, offers diverse businesses and is ideally suited to a hospitality agency like us. We love it as we don’t need the stale corporate downtown environment we were in before.”

Thank you for reading our first blog, if you know anyone that needs residential, commercial or office cleaning… please send them our way. Depending on the referral, we provide rewards/incentives to say a “big thank you” for supporting Bravo.

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