Health Safety training staff

On-going training ensures the health and safety of our staff and clients

At Bravo we believe that on-going training is essential for all our staff, alongside our on the job performance checks and obtaining client feedback. Health and Safety is our utmost concern, so it is important to ensure that Bravo staff comply to the highest possible standards and are aware of the key factors of Health and Safety in the hospitality and cleaning environment. ​

Bravo has several on-line training components, specifically designed for our business:

  • Covid19 – Health & Safety with Covid19 Corona Virus Facts and Preparation

  • Bravo Employment Induction

  • Comprehensive Health and Safety Induction including varied HR policies: Our Health and Safety Policy, Avoid Cuts, Burns and Slip and Trips, Avoid Electric Shocks, Avoid Harm from Chemicals, Hazard Awareness & Reporting, Report Incidents, Drug and Alcohol Policy, Harassment and Discrimination.

  • Food Control Plan

  • Hospo Beer and Cider

  • Food & Beverage Services 1 and 2

  • Residential Cleaning Procedures (in progress)

  • Commercial Cleaning (in progress)

What our customer says...

I received really excellent service from Bravo Hospitality. I approached them for some advice and guidance on the hospitality industry in the wake of Covid19 and they were able to really give me the direction I needed. I would highly recommend approaching them if you need help in the hospitality space. The recruiter that I dealt with was so personable and knowledgeable.

Dana George

July 7th 2020