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hotel cleaning auckland

Keep your guests happy with top notch

hotel cleaning and front of house staff

To make your guests feel comfortable and welcome whilst offering high end services, we understand that you need the right staff.. As an established hospitality staffing agency, Bravo can help achieve this. They must be able to follow your operations specific requirements, to ensure the consistency your guests have come to expect. Job competency, appropriate behaviour, along with clean and tidy presentation is essential in hotels, preserving star ratings and business image. So whether you need clean rooms, set tables, an efficient front desk or chefs or other culinary specialists, Bravo provides all this:

  • Front desk and concierge staff

  • All type of admin and financial staff

  • Front of house and back of house staff

  • Banquet operations staff

  • Cleaning staff and housekeepers

Contact us to discuss your requirements.



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