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Seasonal Staffing & Recruitment

Are you a hospitality business owner or manager in New Zealand, looking for a reliable and efficient staffing solution during peak seasons? Seasonal Staff Solutions is here to provide you with the finest and most qualified hospitality professionals to meet your seasonal staffing needs.

With years of experience in the hospitality industry, our expert team is dedicated to connecting you with the perfect staffing solutions to keep your operations running smoothly and your guests satisfied.

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  • How can I get started?
    In the first instance, please fill in our online form and we can get in touch with you as soon as possible. Alternatively, you can call us on 09 360 9333.
  • How does Bravo charge and select my cleaner?
    Please complete our on-line form and we will give you an indicative price. This price will be reviewed after the first clean has been completed, on actual time spent. It is essential that you provide us with much as possible information on the on-line form to get you started. We select the best possible cleaner based on this information. Alternatively, for more discerning customers, our services coordinator will come out and view your Airbnb or Property Rental, so you can discuss your specific requirements, also provide you with an exact cost at the time and select our cleaner(s) for you. A cleaning plan with costings will be forwarded to you via email for your acceptance.
  • What is a regular cleaning plan?
    A regular cleaning plan can be open-ended or for a specific time frame, on demand cleaning as your guests check in and out, weekly, fortnightly etc, stating a maximum of hours spent for each cleaning and the specific tasks to be performed.
  • What if I need additional cleaning?
    This will be quoted separately and added to the regular cleaning plan. We have to fit this into schedule, so some notice may be required.
  • Who supplies the cleaning products and equipment?
    Bravo provides this when required. We have an array of commercial and domestic cleaning products, keeping your health and wellbeing in mind with our quality home eco range. If you wish us to use your own cleaning products, and equipment please let us know.
  • How does Bravo ensure my property security:
    All Bravo staff are vetted and policed checked (Whereever possible). They have signed our code of conduct and ethics and are required to follow strict company guidelines. They are fully employed by Bravo under all statutory requirements and receive regular wages and benefits.
  • What if I am not satisfied?
    We love to hear your fair feedback. Often it’s only matter of making our cleaner(s) aware of any concerns and most issues will be dealt with immediately. At your discretion, we can exchange the cleaner at the next possible instance.
  • How do I pay for Bravo services?
    You will receive an email invoice at the completion of each cleaning job. We ask you to pay this invoice strictly within seven days, via direct credit or credit card.

Seasonal Staffing Solutions

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Partner with Bravo Hospitality for Seasonal Staff Solutions today and experience the difference that our premium hospitality staffing services can make for your business.


Complete the contact form now to discuss your requirements and discover how we can help you thrive during New Zealand's busiest seasons.

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